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The ASA Bulletin is now online!

For almost a century, the ASA Bulletin has been a printed publication journaling the collective knowledge of the group’s members. However, much of that valuable information was unavailable to the public. Physical copies of old issues were limited and hard to find, without one single collection to serve as a full official archive.

Now, that is all changing. In keeping with our primary mission of education, the Bulletin is being made available online as a digital publication that can be accessed by anyone!

Efforts are currently underway to digitize over 800 back issues containing over 6,000 individual articles. Our goal is for the entire collection to eventually be available online, and all future issues will be released on the ASA website in a new, easily-searchable digital format. This extensive library represents decades of knowledge and information chronicled by ASA members and we look forward to being able to share all of it with you soon.

ASA Bulletin History

The ASA Bulletin has been in production since 1927. For the first two years, it was published as a column inside Pet Dealer Magazine. Only one issue from that period still exists.

From 1929 onward, the publishing schedule varied between monthly and bi-monthly, and for a few years, it was released semiannually.

From 1951 to 1959, The ASA Bulletin went out of print and informally joined with the English Avicultural Society. During that time, the ASA relied on the ESA Bulletin instead of printing its own publication.

From 1960 to 1999, the Bulletin was back to being published monthly. Then from from 2000 to the present day, the Bulletin became bimonthly, with a one year hiatus. Recent issues are available as PDF documents from the original source files.

A few long-time members have nearly complete collections of the Bulletin from over the years, Ivo Lazeroni being one of them. Ivo has been instrumental in helping ensure our archives are as complete as possible. The Original Articles List was maintained up through 1993 by the late Helen Hanson who was the ASA membership secretary for over 20 years.

Digital Archive Project Contributors:

  • Steve Duncan – ASA President & Historian
  • Carol Stanley – Current Bulletin Editor & Designer
  • Nathan Pizar – Digital Conversion & Data Management
  • Ivo Lazeroni – Bulletin Archive Collector
  • Helen Hanson – Index Records
  • Sheri Hanna – Index Records

Scanning, proofreading, uploading, organizing, and tagging so many articles is a large task. In the coming months we will need volunteers to assist with proofreading, category tagging, and quality checking old issues. If you would like to help with this digital archiving project, please contact us.

Your membership helps support the continued publishing of new content and enables the digitization efforts of the entire ASA Bulletin archives.

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