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    A True Aviculturist

    Nestling in the Santa Clara River Valley Just Out of Filmore, California Is the Charming Home of Francis H. Rudkin With Its Wonderful Collection By Dr. Dave Silverstone, Los Angeles, Calif. WHILE rambling through the country one day last Fall, I saw a Military Macaw circling over the orange grove. This was, indeed, a surprise and as the bird descended to one of the trees I could not re­sist the temptation to follow. The virtual paradise that greeted my eyes well repaid my insatiable curiosity. Nestling in the Santa Clara River Valley just out of Filmore, Calif., is this home. The owner is sure an avid aviculturist is the thought…

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    In a letter from the Marquess of Tavistock he informs me that young Lovebirds will begin to take ordinary seedspray almost as readily and at an early an age as they will eat spray millet. He and seems surprised that spray millet is not sold in the pet shops in America. I herewith quote a part of his letter: “For some strange reason most of the smaller and delicate finches and parakeets are ex­traordinarily fond of it and appear unquestionably to derive more benefit from eating it than they do from eating, which is apparently the identical seed out of the seed head. Even the pioneers in aviculture were aware…

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    Avicultural Notes

    The popularity of the Australian Shell Parrakeet (so­-called love-bird of the trade) is growing by leaps and bounds. Hardly a day passes we do not receive letters from all over the country asking for information about breeding them, size of cages, what kind of food required when nesting, kind of nest, and a dozen other questions. Why doesn’t some of our members write down their own experience and let others profit thereby. A bird that is becoming more and more frequently seen even in the smaller pet shops is the Bengalese or Society­finch. Large numcers of these have been brought over from Japan lately and this may account for its…